Latest Antonio Brown debacle a ringing endorsement of Steelers HC Mike Tomlin



In case you hadn’t noticed, Antonio Brown is back to being the most Antonio Brown he can be. His latest episode involved Brown stripping off his uniform on the sidelines and walking out on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the middle of the game.

This latest event could be the nail in what could have been a Hall of Fame career but for the Pittsburgh Steelers, this is very important. Why? Because when you look back at the timeline of the last three years since he quit on the Steelers, his life on and off the field has been a spiral.

But it does drive home the point of just how great a coach Mike Tomlin is. His ability to keep Brown’s ego in check and put him in a position to flourish as the best receiver in the league for a long time is remarkable. You can criticize Tomlin for a lot of things but one thing he did that no other coach could do is manage his ego in spite of everything else.


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