101 Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile Internet


We all have been there at one point or another in our lives: when you are catching up on your favorite TV show on your mobile after getting back from work, it is about to reach the interval and things are getting more interesting, and just as you munch on crunchy popcorn while getting curious about what’s going to happen next — boom — the video stops all of a sudden. It is buffering again, ugh! The spinning wheel can frustrate you like anything.

Know that this happens due to poor internet connection. It’s no surprise that when we need the internet to fulfill our entertainment craving and it fails, we end up getting downright exasperated. 

If you have been noticing that you usually experience slow internet speed on your smartphone, then you should do something about it. Know that there are a few things you could try to fix the issue instantly.

If you are still wondering how you can improve the internet connection on your cellphone, then this article is for you. For your convenience, we have put together some efficient ways to keep your internet working at the fastest speed. So, without further ado, let us check out these tips!

Clear the Cache from Your Phone

Whenever you run into issues like slow Internet speed on your phone and don’t know how to speed up your internet instantly, then the first thing that you need to do is to check the cache on your smartphone. 

In most cases, the internet speed slows down in the smartphone just because the cache memory in the cellphone keeps filling up. The caches usually fill up when you access multiple websites and download various apps on the phone. Hence, it is recommended to clear the cache memory every once in a while. This helps in boosting mobile internet speed in no time.

All you have to do is delete your search history in order to clear the cache. Make sure that you take the time to clear the cache at least once a week. You will notice how great your phone will start performing.

Consider Uninstalling Unnecessary Apps

At times, we open different apps and forget about them later. If there are some apps on your phone that you do not even use, know that they still occupy your cellphone’s memory and they may also eat up internet bandwidth. This is why it is important to uninstall any unnecessary app that you downloaded long ago.

Before you start uninstalling apps from your phone, take the time to look into the app list of your cellphone and then try analyzing which apps are essential for your everyday needs and which are not. Bear in mind that the presence of quite a lot of unnecessary and unwanted apps in the smartphone tends to slow down your internet and not to mention, lower the overall performance of the mobile phone. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to uninstall all the useless apps from your mobile phones. Once you delete the app, make sure you clear the excess cache memory. This will eventually give your cellphone a fresh start. Not only that, the entire process will enhance the internet speed in the smartphone.

Check Out the Clutter

An important thing to remember is that no matter how fast or reliable your internet connection is, it cannot improve your phone’s overall efficiency if your mobile device is slow.

So it is extremely important to clear out the cache on your internet browser on a regular basis.  If there are any apps running in the background that you are not currently using, make sure that you close them. In addition to that, try deleting all the apps that you no longer use just to ensure that your cell phone is working at its peak efficiency. 

Take the time to check if any updates are available. Whenever you receive an update notification, make sure you update your phone rather than procrastinating. When you have the most recent version of your cellphone’s software, you are less likely to face internet-related issues.

Download an App That Increases Speed

If nothing helps, consider downloading apps that help with increasing the speed of the internet on your device. There are different apps that are specially designed to enhance the internet connection of cellphones. 

To download such apps without any interruption, make sure you invest in Spectrum packages. If you are not sure which internet plan is good for you, consider reaching out to Spectrum customer service to get answers to your questions.

Download an Ad-Blocker

In the internet world, you are bound to come across pop-up ads at the most unexpected time, and phones are not exempted from them either. As soon as you open a website, different ads pop up which try taking up internet speed to load it. There are times when pop-ups do not only include text but also links and pictures, which can end up slowing down the loading speed of your requested website.

The best way to stop ads is to download a pop-up blocker. When you have a reliable ad-blocker in place, it will allow you to continue loading the page at its normal pace. 

If you are an Android user, open up Google Play Store and look for an ad blocker app that suits your needs. Make sure that you only keep one ad blocker that works the best on your phone. Having an ad blocker that automatically blocks ads can improve your internet performance in no time. 

Restart Your Wi-Fi

This tip may sound obvious but it turns out to be so effective for your internet signals. The moment your internet signals drop, make sure you turn off and on your internet connection

When you take the time to do so, your cell phone is able to refresh the original internet connection. In order to do this process more instantly, turn off your airplane settings and then turn them back on again after a while. Try doing it more often as it can help in improving your internet connection. 

Try Using a Different Browser

Chances are, you have already tried all the above-mentioned tips and nothing has worked out for you. Well, you need to know that different cell phones give better performance with different browsers.

If you have been using the same browser for a long time, then maybe it is high time to use a different browser. By doing so, your internet could start working faster than ever. Before you switch your browser, make sure that you do proper research. Once you succeed in finding a browser that works faster than others, try sticking to it.

Switch Your Carrier

In some cases, neither the browser nor the outdated version of the software on your phone is responsible for the internet issue. However, your internet service provider could be the main culprit behind your internet-related problem. 

To find out if your internet provider is offering the speed you are paying for, you need to take an internet speed test online. In case, you are not getting the speed you are paying for, then consider switching your provider as soon as possible. 

There are a variety of factors that you need to consider before switching your provider. From internet speed to availability and pricing, you must ensure that the provider offers everything you are looking for.

Once you do your research, you will be able to opt for the best internet service provider available at your address. In case, you want to save a few bucks, we would recommend you sign up for bundles. The best part about bundles is that you get a combined bill every month, unlike a standalone plan.

Get Outside

If you have been sitting in the same spotting to watch your favorite season, we would recommend you to move around the house. Try looking for a space with fewer signal interruptions. At times, metals, glass, concrete, and electronic appliances like microwaves and refrigerators get in the way of internet signals. So, it is important that you go to a place where you are less likely to face internet issues. 

If you are indoors, try going upstairs or move to a room that has an open window or balcony. If you still face problems like buffering, failed messages, or dropped calls over the internet, then it is better to invest in a cell phone signal booster. It will play a vital role in improving the speed of your internet in every corner of the house. 

Key Takeaway

No one wants to face internet issues on their cell phone, especially when they are right the in middle of an important conversation. Dropped internet signals usually lead to frustration and exasperation in no time. Therefore, it is important to take the right steps to get rid of slow internet on the phone. 

With the above-mentioned tips, the speed of your internet will be improved in no time. So make sure you make the most of them!